To breed healthy Tamaskan dogs that meet or exceed the breed standard with excellent temperaments as the prime objective. To adhere to the registry guidelines breeding quality puppies responsibly and ethically. To health test all potential breeding dogs to registry specifications. To provide a healthy, socialized Tamaskan puppy that will adjust with ease to its new environment and thrive as a loyal companion dog.

About Us


Oslett Tamaskans is situated on a small secluded farm in Eastern Ontario. Nestled in the woods, it is the perfect setting for our pack of Tamaskan dogs. This breed is known for their extraordinary temperaments and beautiful wolf-like appearance. This is home to our 5 female Tamaskans Sharayah, Nivea, Sierra, Caska, Silke and our stud dog ‘Pika’. We have a small breeding program that is slowly expanding

We brought our first Tamaskan home in winter of 2010. A beautiful red-grey female named ‘Sharayah’. She had all the necessary qualities to be a great breeding dog and later passed all of the required health tests to become a registered Tamaskan breeding dog. Soon after we imported our next Tamaskan, her future mate, ‘Pika’ from “Sylvaen Tamaskans” in Croatia. ‘Pika’ has been a wonderful addition to our family and breeding program.

After traveling to Salmon Arm B.C. with Nivea for a Master Trainer program at Canada West Canine Centre in 2015, we are happy to offer puppy training for the puppies staying longer in our care.

We are grateful to be one of the two breeders in Canada and we look forward to bringing new bloodlines to North America in the future and exploring new breeding opportunities.